Trads - The Traditional Radiator Company - is a leading supplier of manufactured cast-iron radiators.

Velstar supports them across PPC, SEO and Content Marketing services.


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Over the past six months the Velstar team has restructured the Trads PPC account, placing emphasis on those users who are in the market and know what they want.

This change has allowed us to aggressively penetrate a relevant market but also keep filling the top of the funnel at a lower cost, allowing for additional conversions.

Results have been exceptional taking into account the Covid-19 lockdown and also that the Spring / Summer months are out of season for Trads. The foundations have been laid for a strong Autumn / Winter performance.

Our initial brief was to fix technical issues which were impacting on the website’s performance and also set in place a new SEO / Content strategy.

We worked with the Trads team to solve the technical issues that our audit process uncovered. Most of these were minor and fairly common. The most pressing issue was fixing the category pages as the majority of these were not indexable, meaning they weren't appearing in search results.

Next, we conducted keyword research and mapped target keywords to each of the site's key pages. This gave us a blueprint for improving content across the site.

A further technical challenge was improving the blog layout so that each new post sat on its own URL.

This was essential as we began to write keyword-focused blog content in order to improve visibility for related searches and capture users at different stages of the funnel.

Following research into targeted keywords, we proposed and agreed a content calendar taking into account content titles which would satisfy online queries.

Before pressing ahead with new content we audited legacy blogs already on the site and made decisions on whether to cull, consolidate or rewrite each one.

The result now is a regularly populated content hub which will continue to drive increased amounts of traffic to the website over the coming months.

“The expertise of the Velstar team has resulted in significant revenue increases across multiple digital channels after just the first six months of working together. I am delighted with the results we have had so far and look forward to continue working together to achieve further success going forward.”

Barry Whitehead,
Marketing and Sales Director, Trads