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Strategy, Research & Reporting

One of the issues of the modern model of online commerce, and its tendency to outsource much of its marketing, is that there is often little internal resource to conduct the research and planning that brands need to grow, make the best decisions and to conquer new markets. That’s where we can help.

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Email & SMS

Email and SMS marketing remain important parts of any commerce marketing strategy, helping brands extend the reach of their offering, amplify their brand message, showcase products, and engage with their customers effectively.

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“It's been fantastic working with the team at Velstar. They're the go-to Shopify Plus agency without a doubt.”

Jennifer Heath
Head of Ecommerce

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“Velstar’s dedication, knowledge and experience sets them apart from any other agency I’ve worked with. We’re so happy with what they’ve produced.”

Kevin Clarke,
Ecommerce Manager

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"It's the little details and considerations that they've baked into the build that is the most impressive and truly shows the quality of their work."

Danny Lezer,
Ecommerce Manager

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“With a strong team of Shopify Plus experts, and a commitment to always go above and beyond for their clients, Velstar are the perfect fit for us.”

Andrew Birchall,
Head of Digital