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Triple Whale

Triple Whale helps Shopify stores save time and make more money with real-time analytics and attribution. They want to take you out of your manual mundane reporting and centralise all of your meaningful data into a customisable dashboard or mobile app.¬†Whether you’re looking for Multi-Channel Attribution, Creative-level reporting, Lifetime Value, or P/L Reporting – See clearly into the future with Triple Whale!
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"Velstar and Triple Whale have formed a strong partnership in the analytics and attribution space for Shopify stores. Brands are constantly looking for the teams and tools they can partner with that can help take their brand to the next level. Having an agency like Velstar by your side, empowered with real-time analytics and attribution from Triple Whale, has created an environment of cohesiveness and confidence between the team and client. Working with Velstar, we see every day how much they do for their clients, and it's great being able to provide a dashboard that backs it up."

Jake Singer
Partnerships Manager at Triple Whale