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Why Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus and Velstar power some of the world’s biggest brands, together we achieve ecommerce excellence.

$172B+ In Sales Worldwide

Unmatched in scalability, Shopify Plus helps ecommerce stores manage their operations, giving you more time to focus on sales.

Fully Customisable

Shopify Plus encapsulates unrestricted design, meaning individuality and experimentation are celebrated, helping your brand remain competitive.

Simple Product Inventory And Order Management

With wholesale functionality and simple internationalisation, Shopify Plus offers full transparency across all national and international retail operations.

Third Party Tech Integrations

Implement Shopify Plus’ industry-leading apps to offer additional payment services, for example, through partners such as Klarna, Klaviyo and Gorgias.

10,000 + Checkouts Per Minute

Across 1745 countries.

Up To 18% Higher Conversion Rates

Compared to other platform providers.

24/7 Priority Support

Need assistance? Your Shopify account manager will be available to help at any time of day.

Let's partner and help your ecommerce business reach its full potential

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