35 Sustainable Brands on Shopify


Published by Charlotte Davies


As climate change becomes an ever-growing concern, more and more entrepreneurs are putting sustainability and environmental demands at the top of their agenda. 

Every day, new ecommerce businesses are launching with sustainability in mind. These direct-to-consumer brands try to minimise their impact on the environment, particularly when it comes to their manufacturing and distribution processes. From mindfulness about water usage and emissions to using recycled or naturally sourced materials in the creation of their products and packaging, these companies are committed to greener ecommerce practices and bringing about positive change to the environment. 

To shine a spotlight on some of these brands, here’s a list of 35 ecommerce businesses on Shopify taking sustainability seriously:

1. Know The Origin


2. By Humankind


3. Allbirds


4. Alima Pure


5. A Good Company


6. Unwrapped Life


7. Pangaia


8. Westbeach



9. Hanx


10. Birdsong


11. Handmade Candle Co


12. We Are We Wear


13. Girlfriend Collective


14. Lucy and Yak


15. SZ Blockprints


16. Known Supply


17. Nuud


18. The Citizenry


19. Tens


20. FIGS


21. Stasher


22. DedCool


23. Tropic Skincare


24. Wild


25. Organic Basics


26. Blueland


27. Avocado Mattress




29. Youth To The People


30. United by Blue


31. Marine Layer


32. Topo Designs


33. Outdoor Voices 


34. Summersalt


35. Hyer Goods


Wrapping up

We hope this list of 35 sustainable brands on Shopify has inspired you to get serious about sustainability and provided proof that you can scale responsibly. 

More than ever, consumers are conscious of their impact on the planet and expect brands to deliver on sustainability across all aspects of their operations. By embracing eco-friendly practices, you will contribute to the health of the planet and your bottom line. 

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