7 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts for Ecommerce Owners


Published by Charlotte Davies


1) Saved By Christ Apparel

Saved by Christ Apparel designs “on-trend Christian apparel”. They’ve done a fantastic job of targeting a niche within a niche – young Christians who are looking to represent their faith but still wear trendy apparel. Their Instagram feed is a masterclass on building an authentic emotional connection between your followers and your brand by speaking their language. Check out how their comment threads often turn into a community of prayer:


2) Magic Spoon Cereal

It’s incredibly difficult to reconcile being a cereal junkie and a health junkie at the same time. You just can’t have both – until Magic Spoon came around, that is. They’ve done an incredible job of positioning their product as more than just a “keto-friendly” cereal. Unlike their competitors, Magic Spoon understands that most people don’t care about staying in ketosis – let alone even know what the ketogenic diet is. Instead, they’ve positioned their brand as “Adult cereal” – tasty enough for your inner child, but healthy enough for your grown-up sensibilities. Their Instagram feed does a consistent job of telling this story over and over again but still manages to create content in ways that continue to feel fresh.


3) Doe Lashes

Doe Lashes has one of the most consistent visual identities we’ve seen on Instagram. They contrast user-generated content (UGC) against colour and design palettes that their audience will appreciate, to create a unique feed in a sea of beauty brands.  


4) Liquid IV 

Liquid IV is on a mission to hydrate the world, and their Instagram feed makes sure that’s not a secret. By designing their feed around their central mission, they’re able to rally their followers around more than just their product. 


5) Gravity Blankets

Instagram is the social media of vanity. But don’t get us wrong – that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Oftentimes the brands with the most aesthetic pictures are able to stand out on feeds and stay top of mind for their followers. The originator of the recent weighted blanket craze, Gravity Blankets does a fantastic job of playing the Instagram game of “aesthetic pictures”, but they also differentiate themselves by providing real, targeted value to their followers. As a company that aims to help you relax, it’s not enough for them to just show pictures of people relaxing. Instead, they break up their feed with text blocks that offer tangible tips on ways to relax.


6) Grunt Style

Grunt Style is a veteran owned apparel brand that creates gear around country and family pride. In the midst of an increasingly polarised political climate of the USA, the brand does a great job of using User-Generated Content to demonstrate the brands’ values – without speaking directly on the hot button topics of the day.


7) Dolls Kill

Dolls Kill is another apparel brand that deeply understands its target customer – “the misfits”. The visual identity of its Instagram feed, the User-Generated Content it displays, and the influencers that they employ all tell a cohesive story about what it means to be a misfit.


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