7 Shopify Plus Integrations to Scale Your Sales

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You’ve started working with Shopify Plus as part of your retail strategy and now sales are up. Excellent, job done then! Now wait just one moment, you’re not finished yet, especially if you want to scale your sales and let them continue to grow exponentially with your business.

Shopify Plus is just one part of your business’s ecosystem and it’s important to integrate it with your wider operations. This ensures that your sales and business scale with each other and you can continue to grow sustainably, with less manual input from yourself, and with less risk. With that in mind, here leading integration platform, Patchworks discuss seven integrations you can use with Shopify Plus to scale your sales. 

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Why wouldn’t you want your shopfront and back office talking to each other? By integrating Shopify Plus with your ERP system, you can speed up your sales and fulfilment processes, as well as sync all order, product, and inventory data instantly. 

No more spreadsheets or inaccuracies for you to wade through reactively when a problem arises, the whole system is automatically managed, consistent and most importantly, accurate.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Integration with a WMS ensures that the basics are covered automatically. That means making sure that all stock levels and locations are collated and accurate with no more packing errors. 

There’s no more overselling with Shopify getting dynamically updated stock numbers. Happy customers come from the quick, efficient service you’ll now provide; a scalable fulfilment model from a WMS is essential for growing customer retention and further sales.


Integration between Shopify Plus and your accounting software is integral to help your business grow sustainably. You need accurate records between your shopfront and finance department to know exactly how much money can be reinvested back into the business and plan for strategic growth. 

Robust cash flow system integration is also essential to forecast losses and prepare for unexpected expenses.

Point of Sale (POS)

If you have multiple shopfronts, they all need to reflect the most accurate, up-to-date sales data. Keep all your transaction information in one manageable and accurate place when you integrate Shopify Plus to your POS system.

Your orders are automatically synced between the systems and located in one simple dashboard. Don’t get caught by overselling because of an order elsewhere, that’s a slippery slope to impacting sales growth.


By integrating Shopify Plus with any other marketplaces you use, you’re bringing your catalogue together centrally and can track sales and growth as one business. By creating shared product categories and other attributes, you can see every point of sale, regardless of where it’s hosted, and strategise accordingly. 

Integration also cuts down on manual changes to displayed information by linking product flows between systems. This goes for your new centralised inventory management as well, including up-to-date catalogues and stock levels. Processes are quick, seamless, and give you time back to grow your business.


Marketing software reaches the right customer over the right touchpoints. When you integrate your marketing software with Shopify Plus, the two systems scale alongside your business, increasing effective marketing and sales. 

With automated data syncs, you can learn more about your customers, feeding into individual profiles. This creates a better shopping experience for the consumer to increase conversions and leads to more effective targeted marketing. The more the integrated systems work together, the more your sales can scale!


We know what you’re thinking, “How do returns help me scale my sales?!” Stick with us on this!

Your business is growing, naturally, some people will want to return items. Issues with stock numbers and refunds have the potential for even unhappier customers and bad PR. With an integration between Shopify Plus and your Returns software, you can turn dissatisfied customers into active advocates for your brand. 

Integration means you can be agile and assured that your customers are happy with your quick and professional service, and are more likely to return and sing your praises. Thus, good integration with Returns means scaling sales.

Take your next steps

Are you ready to scale your sales with a Shopify Plus integration? We recommend working with our trusted partner, Patchworks, a leading integration platform for fast-growing retail, across the world. If you want to hear more about Patchworks or need help to integrate the app onto your Shopify Plus store, get in touch with our Shopify experts today.

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